Lawmakers back quashing graft trial of Brazil President Temer



Several lawmakers have told Reuters in recent weeks that if they were forced into multiple votes to protect the deeply unpopular president from a trial, the chances of one of the charges being accepted by the lower house would greatly increase.

"So still all to play for - the president himself is convinced that he will win that vote in congress. He's said all along that he's done nothing wrong, his supporters are backing him".

Brazil's Senate approved a set of controversial labor reforms that will strip workers of unemployment insurance, extend working hours and reduce vacation time.

Given that any changes in the Senate would have sent the bill back to the lower house for fresh debate, Temer assured senators on Tuesday that he would use a decree to tweak the legislation as they suggested after he signs it into law.

The bill-which includes a cap on government spending, an overhaul of the pension system and an easing of worker protections-is part of an economic reform program that Temer has said is needed to reinvigorate the economy, Bloomberg reported.

Brazilian political parties allied to President Michel Temer will try to block a corruption charge against the president at the House of Representatives floor - and managed to obtain a small victory today related to that effort in a House committee.

Prior to the approval, Dodge said Brazil must step up the fight against organised crime, making sure that plea and leniency deals are used as instruments to help bring justice and not benefit leaders of criminal organisations.

Data from the statistics bureau IBGE show that Brazil's unemployment rate has been steadily rising since 2014, reaching 13.3% in the quarter ending in May of this year. Brazil's choppy political waters are so bad that the vote scheduled to be held in the upper chamber was delayed for a number of hours. He has denied any wrongdoing. By postponing the vote until August, it could favor the President's opposition. Silva will remain free while he appeals.

"I am talking of a government which has been victim of the natural challenges of democracy. those who want to stop us carrying on are those who want to paralyze the country".

He also accused the Prosecutor General of seeking 'revenge, destruction and vengeance' with the indictment. If they uphold the conviction, Brazilian law says Lula would be barred from seeking office. He never owned the apartment, but prosecutors argued it was intended for him.

The Chamber's decision comes a day after federal judge Sergio Moro sentenced former President Lula to nine and a half years for the crimes of corruption and money laundering.