Infinity War has officially wrapped filming — Avengers

D23 All the news out of Disney’s biggest convention  
     Julia Alexander and Susana Polo

D23 All the news out of Disney’s biggest convention Contributors Julia Alexander and Susana Polo

All will be revealed in due time. "Why you ask? Because of one person".

Thor gets rescued by the Guardians Of The Galaxy, almost certainly has some pretty cute interactions with Teenage Groot.

As for the heroes who will take the Mad Titan?

"Drax ain't sh*t", Brolin taunted. The original incarnation of the team debuted in New Avengers #8 in 2013 and played a major role in the Infinity crossover, where Thanos and his army invade an undefended Earth (the Avengers were too busy avenging in outer space at the time).

"We also have a Hulk", Feige replied.

Spider-Man and Black Panther were also in the house, as Tom Holland and Chadwick Boseman came out, in addition to Mark Ruffalo and Chris Hemsworth, as Brolin continued to scoff at the combined might of the heroes around him.

At the D23 Expo Kevin Feige presented a star studded Avengers panel and screened a trailer that brought the crowd to it's feet.

Joe Russo announced they are currently halfway wrapped on the movie, which hits theaters on May 4, 2018, marking the 10-year anniversary of Iron Man.

It begins with Mantis declaring, "We are arriving".

Mary Poppins is back and Disney fans are going wild for the return of the stern nanny and her topsy-turvy world. Oh, and don't worry everyone, Loki is in the trailer! "'Death follows him like a shadow", says someone of Thanos... Another voice says, "He's coming to us". The X-Men characters do not reside in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, however, meaning Corvus Glaive will be on a separate mission. "But this does put a smile on my face". This is an interesting twist on the comic book canon and one that could make this entire conflict a little more personal.

Doctor Strange gets into the mix fighting bad guys with the rest of the superheroes. There's a look between Scarlet Witch and the Vision.

- Captain America has a beard and looks like he's been through a lot. Black Widow sports a striking platinum white hairdo in the brief scene she was glimpsed in.

The teaser ends with Thanos decking Iron Man using the Infinity Gauntlet, noticeably missing at least two gems.